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Private Pilot Ground School starts September 13th - 9:00 am to noon. $499.00. Books & materials included, Call Today. - Take a ride in a authentic Sterman bi-plane. Call today for reservations. -

Flight Instruction Price List

Dual Instruction Cessna 172 $165.00 / hr
( Airplane, Fuel, Instructor )

Dual Instruction Cessna 150

$135.00 / hr
( Airplane, Fuel, Instructor )

Hourly rental rate for Cessna 150 ( 2 seats )

Hourly rental rate for Cessna 172 ( 4 seats )

$95.00 / hr

$125.00 / hr
Instructor only ( your aircraft ) $40.00 / hr
Ground Instruction ( One on One Instruction ) $40.00 / hr
Ground School 10 wks. 35 hours
9am-1:00pm Saturday mornings
141 Certification. Price Includes
books & supplies.

8.7% sales tax on Aircraft Rentals

*Prior to renting any JAS aircraft you must provide the following:
Photo ID, Pilotís License, Current Medical cert., copy of either Passport or Birth Certificate and a Log Book. (when file is complete you must fill out a rental agreement and take a proficiency check ride with JAS CFI.)

**Specialized training: Biennial Flight Reviews, instrument, sea, tailwheel and Formation Flying.

***Our instructors are professional airline and career military pilots with thousands of hours of flight time and experience to their credit. Invest in the BEST!

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