One-on-One Aviation Lessons & Convenient Class Schedules. Train at our Flight School For Private, Instrument, and Commercial Ratings.

Take to the skies with advanced aviation and aircraft lessons from Safety In Motion of Olympia, Washington. Our instructors are professional pilots.

Invest in the best aviation lessons around!

Lesson Fees
• Dual Instruction Cessna 172–$193.00 per Hour (Airplane, Fuel, Instructor)$180 block time
• Dual Instruction Cessna 150–$166.00 per Hour (Airplane, Fuel, Instructor)$158 block time
• Dual Instruction Cessna 182RG–$293.00 per Hour (Airplane, Fuel, Instructor)
• Instructor Only–$58.00 per Hour
• One-on-One Ground Instruction–$58.00 per Hour

A Woman Taking Aviation Lessons

Specialized Training

  • Private Pilot
  • Instrument
  • Commercial
  • Complex & High Performance
  • Mountain Flying

Ground School
Join us Tuesdays and Thursdays for our 10-week, 50-hour ground school. Classes run from 6 p.m. - 8:30 p.m. and are just $395.00. Books and materials are sold separately.

Classes start November 6th, 2018 Call us to Reserve a spot!

Airplane Rentals*

• Hourly Rental Rate for Cessna 150 (2 Seats)–$108.00
• Hourly Rental Rate for Cessna 172 (4 Seats)–$135.00

block rates available

• Hourly Rental Rate for block time Cessna 150 (2 Seats)–$100.00
• Hourly Rental Rate for block time Cessna 172 (4 Seats)–$122.00

• Hourly Rental Rate for Cessna 182RG (4 Seats)–$235.00
• *8.9% Sales Tax on Aircraft Rentals

Fuel Prices
Check,, Foreflight or  for current fuel prices

Prior to renting any aircraft, you must provide the following:

• Photo ID
• Pilots License
• Current Medical Certification
• Copy of Either Your Passport or Birth Certificate

• Log Book
• Completed & Signed Rental Agreement
• Proficiency Check Ride with Safety In Motion CFI


Contact us at (360) 754-4043 in Olympia, Washington, for in-depth aviation lessons at rates you can afford.